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A logo gradually becomes the identity sign for a business. Are you looking for a well-crafted logo design for your business? You are in the right place then. We create your custom logos for Amazon FBA sellers.


What Bespoke Logo Does for you

As a point of identification, the Amazon FBA Private Label logo serves a great purpose for Amazon FBA sellers. A well-designed logo helps build trust and validates your professionalism. We have a team of excellent professional designers who work relentlessly to add more value to your brand. Contact us today and get your customized FBA logo.

Brand identity

With its unique color tone and design, your specially deisgned logo will stand out and represents your brand.

Grabs customer attention

Give your customers something to marvel at. We design logos that have the power to grab customers' attention within seconds.

Fosters Brand Loyalty

As the brand grows, the logo will become more familiar and will make you trustworthy to customers. Let it represent your class and status!

A Logo Aids Recognition

We create logos that become etched in the customer’s minds. Your customers will recognize you instantly.

Separates from Competition

Distinguish your company from the competition. Let your logo explain why you are unique and separate you from the competition.


We are expert
Amazon Seller Logo Designer

We have over 7 years of involvement in designing custom logos for Amazon FBA Sellers. Get unique and well-crafted logos for your business that will help boost sales and get brand recognition.

Customize Logo For New Amazon Seller

The AMZ infographic provides high-quality, unique logo designs for Amazon FBA sellers. We can work on your brand strategy and design a logo for you, or you can also tell us the concept you are looking for in your business logo. Our expert designers team works internationally and serves a variety of high-profile brands on a daily basis.From 2021 till now, we’ve gained a reputed position among the clients. If you are seeking FBA logo designers for your business, AMZ infographic is here to help you have a successful growing business.

Unique design for printing and digital platforms.
Pixel perfect and ready to print!

Format You will get JPG, PNG, JPEG, PSD, AI

Get well-crafted logos from AMZ infographics. Tell us about your business and your preferences, or let us give you a brief idea about the logo design theme. Get your business a perfectly designed, smooth logo with the help of our professional designer team. We will deliver your logo in the following formats: AI, EPS, PNG, PDF, PSD, and 3D images. You can resize the high-resolution logos according to your preference. So, call us today and let us help take your business to a higher level.

Customized Logo
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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Having a Logo seems more like a prerequisite if you’re looking to expand your eCommerce business on Amazon. You could continue without a logo but your product will often get ignored and drown under the ever increasing competition.

You must first navigate to Seller Central and look to the top right corner. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Your Info & Policies’ link. When you reach the ‘Your Information & Policies’ page, click on the ‘Profile’ link. Find the ‘Seller Logo’ section. Here, you will find a button that will help you upload your logo to your amazon seller account.

Yes, you can sell on Amazon without a logo. However, selling on Amazon without a logo will not be easy. You must remember that logos add value to the overall standing of your product and buyers will often perceive your brand value through the logo you provide. If you still would like to sell without a logo, your products might seem to be rip-offs.

If you’d like to include your product logo in your package, we can help you out with our product package design services. This will enable you to design your pwn product packaging where you can include your logo.

If you have a logo that you’d like to include on your product, that has to be done through manufacturers. It is allowed on amazon to have your logo on products and this comes with many added benefits. The most notable benefit is when your brand gets recognition from the logo on the product and buyers who will decide to buy your products due to the authenticity that logos add.