Get Magnificent
Packaging Insert Card Designs for your Amazon Products

We design your packaging insert cards according to your requirements. We allow our customers to customize their packaging insert cards to any color, design, font, and size they prefer before we add our touch of expertise. Equip your product with an insert card and experience a major business boost.


How Packaging Inserts Impact
your Product and Brand

Adding package inserts and thank you cards to your products empowers them with abilities that surpass a normal purchase! You’re adding a little bit of emotion and your brand identity into the whole mix. This also shows your class and elegance when you step our to capture their hearts as well.

Create Positive Rapport

Say more with cards! A simple packaging insert can sway your customers to your band instantly!

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Products have the ability to garner customer satisfaction but packaging inserts have the ability to amplify them!

Increase Repurchase Rate

With the sweet gesture of a thank you card, you can enable your customers to make repeat purchases from your brand.

Leverage Product Reviews

Enable your customers to feel more about your product and they will express that through reviews!

Trigger their Emotions

A simple heartwarming thank you message can go a long way in making your customer feel special and more attached to the brand.


Give your customers a special message!

We believe it is important to form a strong bond with your customer and it is possible through packaging inserts and thank you cards. Allow us to help you in taking that big step to the next level where your products make a huge impact!

Let your Product Speak to your Customers Through Inserts

Send a message through package inserts that your customers will never forget! Empower yourself with packaging inserts as it enables new grounds of communication between you and the customer. Use it to thank your customers or ask them for a positive review of the product. You could even add a link to your social media page and gain more followers to boost your digital marketing prowess.

Effectively Retain Customers
Enable Customer Communication

Make their Unboxing Experience Special with “Thank You” Cards

Product unboxing is one of the most exhilarating experiences a buyer feels during the entire buying process. Unboxing is such a celebrated moment that there are countless YouTube and TikTok users dedicated to simply unboxing products. This gives you the opportunity to shine and possibly get viral status when you add packaging inserts. Send a strong enough message and your customers will show it to the millions of unboxing aficionados around the world!

Strategic Insert Designs
Creative Messages for Customers


Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Product inserts are allowed on Amazon. As of this date, Amazon has not put any stipulations or rules that dictate product packaging inserts.

A product insert can include anything ranging from a simple thank you to coupons that have promo odes for purchase. It actually depends on the sellers when deciding what to include in product package inserts.

It is not a common occurrence for Amazon sellers to contact buyers. However, if there are contact numbers included in product inserts that the buyers can use to directly discuss product issues with sellers, in this sense, sellers can often contact buyers to follow up on aftersles services.

In simple terms, there isn’t a determined “best size” for product packaging inserts. It actually depends solely on the client how they want it designed. However it may be, the product package inserts can’t exceed the size of the package itself.