9 A+ Content Design Idea &Tips Amazon

9 A+ Content Design Idea &Tips Amazon

Amazon is all people’s most trusted site for all products. So, more than half of all online product searches start on Amazon. Amazon A+ content is probably the ideal way to transform searchers into purchasers.

If you’re a brand or product producer, you must be familiar with Amazon A+ content. You can utilize this content to depict the features and specifications of your products on Amazon with a uniqueness that separates you from other competitors. The A+ content gives you the ability to change the description of your product to better suit your image.

So, the design of your Amazon A+ content is really important because how many viewers you will get mostly depends on how engaging your content is. Today we will talk about nine design tips and ideas for Amazon A+ content planning. 

Use high-quality visualization of your product to show the specs more clearly.

As a seller, you must know which features make your product attractive to the audience or for whom your customers will show interest in buying it. Take high-quality pictures of your product. Mark which part of it should be captured and added. Include not only photos but videos as well. Visualization grabs the audience more than anything, so know how to use this the most. 

Use an engaging tone that will be able to grab your customers’ attention.

An engaging tone is always preferred for content. The audience invests time in what they find interesting. Easy, understandable language and an engaging tone are great for Amazon A+ content. Avoid using difficult-to-understand words because expecting viewers to spend time trying to understand your language is unrealistic. They will not. So, it’s your part to grab their attention and make them purchase it.

Provide as much information as you can. If possible, provide all the available information in your content.

Content viewers are watching your content because they want to learn something important. You have to understand their needs and provide all the information they are looking for. Making a long post without providing proper information is not something anyone will expect. So, be attentive to this point. Make sure your audience is not missing any information they should get in the description box.

Discover your unique way of attracting customers. Stay away from the competition.

It’s a significant fact to think about. And this part is a kind of brain work. Amazon is a very big platform. There are lots of sellers and lots of products. So why would a customer choose you? Try to be unique. Give them a reason why they should buy your product and not others. 

We’d suggest you mention what differentiates your product from others and how your product is better. Remember one thing: you can never mention any of your competitors. So, in a humble way, try to let the audience know that you have the best option to choose.

Use the appropriate keywords. Customers are looking for your product using a different name. Learn and use them in your content.

A keyword is a crucial factor for all kinds of content. We believe you know that there are different tones for different people. People all over the world are not searching for all the things with the same name. They are using different names. So, generate keywords and use them as much as possible in your A+ content. You can use a good tool for generating keywords. There are many tools that can provide you with the most commonly used keywords. 

Let the customers know that your brand is legit. A trusted brand makes the users confident.

There are a lot of products on the market. Not all of them are of the same quality. There are a lot of products that look the same but are not quality. Customers always want to purchase from a trusted brand. They look for reviews and certifications. It’s better if you have a brand logo and good reviews. Tell the customers about your brand. Let them know what certifications or awards you have. This information will attract customers and decrease your competition. 

Make your own template for Amazon EBC content design. Research more about the most viewed A+ content design ideas.

As we know, there is lots of content on Amazon and lots of products. So the competition is high. Now the question is how you can catch the customers and increase your sales. Modern problems now have modern solutions too. Most of the contents are monotonous because lots of sellers are giving content without researching in an indifferent pattern. So, let us tell you what happens after that. The viewers skip the content without even paying any attention. Whenever they notice the same pattern for many products, they lose interest. So, now it’s your turn to use this opportunity. Make your own template with research about the types of most attractive content. A unique template catches customers’ eyes easily and quickly.

Make sure EBC content is accurate and error-free. Avoid broken HTML, spelling mistakes, or grammatical errors.

Having errors in your content is a red flag. If you create content that contains various types of errors, is unclean, or is inaccurate, you will not receive as many sales as you expected. Additionally, people lose interest easily whenever they notice a mistake. There is a belief that reputed brands or trusted sellers always provide error-free information, which is true in a way. So, always be careful about making any mistakes. Errors in your content will lower your brand value.

Make sure your designed A+ content is not only reachable on a desktop; lots of buyers visit via mobile phones.

Sometimes the sellers make a mistake by designing content for only the desktop view. Always mark a “NO” for this type of content. A huge number of buyers visit online shopping platforms through their mobile phones, so if you are not reachable by mobile phone, then you’ll lose a massive number of buyers. 


Amazon A+ marketing content is not only a strong way to boost sales; it also boosts your brand, conversions, and revenue. With quality content, you will be able to connect more with the customer and increase your brand value. That’s how you can be able to get a lot of loyal customers who return to you whenever they need a product that you have.

Thomas N. Owen

Thomas N. Owen

Thomas is a Graphic Designer for last 12 years & a Part-Time Writer. His specialties include EBC/A+ Content Design, Product Photography Optimization, Product Photography Infographics, and more for Amazon. When he's not hard at work, he tries to help people do better in Amazon listing by writing useful blogs.

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