How EBC/A+ Content Affects Amazon Rankings

How EBC/A+ Content Affects Amazon Rankings

Do you Know EBC stands for Enhanced Brand Content, which is the former word used for A+ content? If you ever browse the amazon product detail page, you can see titles, product descriptions, well-written sales copy, multimedia content, formatted bullet points, and much more. And that is known as Amazon EBC or A+ content, available for all amazon vendors and sellers who listed themselves in Brand Registry.

If you are Amazon Seller and vendor, you will most probably be familiar with EBC/A+ content. Interestingly, it is available free of cost to both sellers and vendors after the merger of amazon seller central and vendor central’s A+.

Does EBC/A+ Content help in Amazon Ranking?

A+ content significantly helps to enhance amazon ranking side by side with minimalist shots. Therefore, after catchy images, the second most crucial factor for amazon sellers is generating optimized content to rank higher. A+ content is not only limited to your product descriptions but also covers titles, branded sales copy, multimedia content, etc.

When someone lands on your listing page through Ads or affiliate campaigns, the A+ content conveys a strong presence of your brand with a premium feel. A+ content is placed right in the product listing section. So, it appeals to your visitors and influences them to make a buying decision.

How A+ Content Enhances Ranking

A+ content plays a vital role in your product ranking and increases sales. Content is the second most significant priority for amazon sellers. The reason behind this is the role played by content. It helps in naming your product, explains its attributes, highlights usage, reflects pros and cons, mentions guidelines for using the product, etc. But, if all these things are not written well, it will be difficult for you to rank and grab sales.

However, let me explain some key points that can assist you in understanding how A+ content can enhance your ranking and sales.

Make Your Listing Stand Out

As a brand owner or amazon seller, the key priority is to stand out in your listing. Your listing can be ranked higher by adopting the right content strategy and high-quality images. These two key factors will back your product to stand out in the crowd.

Answer all Possible Buyers’ Queries in Detail

One of the best practices is to provide all possible details of the products. Probably, most of the buyers visited your product page for the first time. It is substantial to write the product details from your buyers’ perspective, including all their possible queries. Additionally, it is fairly important to consider the aspects of making returning buyers and ensuring positive buyers’ reviews with enriched A+ content.

Detect What Your Buyers Think

Detecting your buyers’ thinking is not a piece of cake. You have to continuously keep an eye on the customer queries and reviews about your listing. It assists Amazon sellers in detecting what their buyers think over time. So, it’s a great way to rank and increase sales with A+ content.

A+ Content Distinguish Your Products from the Others

It seems obvious that e-commerce is constantly becoming competitive for sellers. Relatively, in this situation beating the competitors’ level of professionalism is a hard-bitten job. Interestingly, the best way out is to keep pace through planning a results-driven content strategy. It’s how A+ content boosts your ranking and sales.

Convey Your Brand Story

Potential customers always show brand affiliation that is because of a specific product attribute. However, a bunch of shoppers highly consider the cost of the product in mind. But still, it’s your content how it conveys your brand story and is strong enough to change their mindset. So, the key is to build your brand story and convey it effectively through A+ content. If you can do it perfectly, then it doubles your chances of ranking and sales.

Write lining up to Responsive Design

Responsive design is the latest design approach that works according to the screen sizes. This approach uses content that can adjust according to the user interface. Fortunately, Amazon follows this approach in its design. Likewise, A+ content provides this edge to sellers that their content looks engaging and user-friendly at all user interfaces.

So, it was all about how A+ content boosts your ranking and sales on amazon. Luckily, aligning your strategy according to that can provide you a competitive edge against your competitors. Although, remember one thing, whatever you write and present ought to be real about your product. In the end, your customer will also give you reviews according to the usage of the product. If everything works at their end, your listing will get 5 stars and positive feedback and vice versa.

A+ Content Guidelines to Rank your Listing

Although it is paramount to follow the amazon guidelines in order to approve your content application. In this regard, incorporating the best practices can double your product page’s sales and success rate.

Following are some guidelines to help you out in developing A+ content:

  • Avoid using specific symbols and special characters. Such things are not allowed on Amazon.
  • Similarly, don’t use hyperlinks. It is also forbidden.
  • Use infographics, charts, bullets, and other visuals because it drives up sales.
  • Ensure your photography must be aligned to the required dimensions.
  • Your visuals, content, and everything must tell your brand story. Use a consistent theme for all pages that ought to be aligned with your brand.
  • Customize your images with text because visuals quickly attract your customers’ attention. Text will further capture their interest and convey your brand story that increases the chances of sales and ranking.

Ending Line

Optimization is the foremost thing for selling successfully on Amazon. From this perspective, product photography and A+ content are the most significant factors. Further, A+ content optimization is not a walk in the park. You need to consider a lot of factors and plan strategically for generating the A+ content that tells your brand story.

Thomas N. Owen

Thomas N. Owen

Thomas is a Graphic Designer for last 12 years & a Part-Time Writer. His specialties include EBC/A+ Content Design, Product Photography Optimization, Product Photography Infographics, and more for Amazon. When he's not hard at work, he tries to help people do better in Amazon listing by writing useful blogs.

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