10 Professional Product Photography Tips for Amazon FBA Sellers in 2022

10 Professional Amazon Product Photography Tips

Product photography is crucial in eCommerce. While it plays the main role in Amazon, so Amazon product photography tips is must to bring the best output. Because picture can talk faster than lots of texts and flawlessly show the actual product, the attractions, all the specifications, and a user guide. Texts take time to process in the human brain, while pictures show facts. 

As a high-quality picture plays a vital role in selling a product, there must be some criteria, tricks, and hacks for capturing the perfect photograph. Moreover, Amazon requires some particular criteria to be met. So, today we’re presenting a photography guideline for Amazon FBA Sellers.

So let’s not waste more time and get started.

The Fundamental Concept of Product Photography

We all have the basic idea of product photography. Product photography is a photo taken to attract customers and drive sales for online or offline platforms to make it more transparent. In general, each platform’s listing includes some photography requirements. No matter what the platform it is, some things are always expected, such as all the features should be visible and, most importantly, the picture has to be clear and flawless so that the buyers can quickly inform themselves of what products they are going to get.

The contribution of high-quality pictures in generating sales:

People may ask if there is any need to have an extra setup for product photography. Is a high-quality image essential for attracting a larger audience, or can a simple image suffice? The answer is that high-quality pictures have no alternatives in this field. 

Say you are visiting an e-commerce site and see two different sellers selling the same product. One has some high-quality images that can clearly understand the product quality, while the other has some ordinary pictures that do not catch your eyes. But you already know the products are the same.

Which one are you going to buy? The first one, right? Now you know how vital high-quality images are. 

Nowadays, people want everything to be easy. The images sway almost every online buyer. Reading a product description, understanding it, knowing the product specifications, and other related factors with texts takes more time, effort, and energy. On the other hand, a well-taken picture in which the subject appears more attractive, brighter, and more precise will usually get a lot more attention than a poorly taken picture in which the subject seems to have comparatively less time, effort, and energy.

So, if you attach quality pictures to your product, it will noticeably increase engagement. 

Photography requirements for Amazon FBA Sellers:

Before starting, you have to know what Amazon wants its pictures to look like. Like most other premium platforms, Amazon has set a few rules for their product photography requirements. You have to fulfill their rules and regulations based on the required quality of pictures. So, here we will look at the guidelines Amazon wants the sellers to follow.

  • You should upload images in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, and PNG file formats.
  • All the images must be 1000px or more extensive in dimension.
  • The color mode that must be used is sRGB or CMYK.
  • The file name should be the product identifier code and the appropriate file extension.
  • Except for books, music, and DVDs, products should fill about 85% of the image frame.
  • Lastly, books, music, and DVDs should fill 100% of the image frame.


Amazon has some standards for its images. Such as-

  • Any sort of drawing for the item isn’t permitted.
  • The image has to be the product’s original picture.
  • No confusing additional objects should be included.
  • Realistic colors, proper light
  • The images of music, DVDs/videos, and books must occupy 100% of the frame.
  • Things like promotional stickers and cellophane aren’t permitted.
  • Except for books, music, and DVDs, products must occupy 85+% of the frame.
  • A complete picture is required.
  • Additional graphics, inset images, or texts are not allowed.
  • A proper white background

10 Amazon Product Photography Tips for FBA Sellers

The techniques and hacks are unlimited for any kind of photography. You can always make things better than ever if you try, focus, and dedicate time genuinely. Here, we’ve shared 10 essential Amazon Product Photography tips for FBA Sellers.

So, let’s know the tips:

1. Maintain all the technical requirements

Before you capture a picture, know what Amazon exactly requires. It’s always preferable to understand what you’re doing before you shoot, rather than just clicking.

We’ve already mentioned the e-commerce platform requirements in this article. Never overlook the criteria. You’ll also get some extra guidelines if you ask an experienced seller there.

2. Try to upload the maximum number of photos

Amazon allows you to attach a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 photos, including the main image. The first 7 pictures will be shown in your live listing. Remember, As many images as you can attach will increase the authenticity of your product. In most cases, the customer watches the first 3 or 4 product pictures and then decides what to do. But it’s always better to give them more options to watch and think about a bit more. So, yes, If possible, upload the maximum number of photos. 

3. Set up adequate lighting

It may seem insignificant at first. But in reality, this is one of the most crucial factors in product photography for FBA sellers. A bright photo attracts more attention, and enough lighting helps all the features be visible. If possible, put the setting in front of a big window and arrange some extra lights. 

4. Scaling the picture: 

Pay attention to the following tips to get a professional capture. 

  • Capture pictures from a couple of angles to show the item in the unique manner conceivable. On the off chance that you take more pictures, you can generally alter and save them for later and test which ones are the best.
  • Although you can edit the photograph later, you need to ensure the product is entirely covering the frame and no edges or corners need to be cut off. The more white space around the item, the more area to crop and edit.
  • Lines are crucial in photography. You need to position and edge your photograph to have any vertical or even lines made by the item not be at odd points, causing an interruption. 
  • Put the product in the center area to easily crop and maintain the perfect square shape. Remember, Amazon pictures are square, and your primary image should fill 85% of that square. It may assist in shooting the picture as a square in any case, rather than editing it later.

5. Attach an Infographic: 

The human brain processes images faster than anything else. Though it’s not necessary or a must-add thing, if you attach an infographic with your product, that will be one of your wisest decisions in this field. So, make an infographic with details that will explain the product very clearly to your customers. 

6. Include specifics about the product’s size and specifications.

Attach the exact product information with the pictures. Sometimes pictures fail to give them a definite idea about the product size and other specifications. So, it’s better if you add a photo with the exact size, materials details, specifications, and all other mentionable things. 

7. Create and attach a lifestyle image: 

Let the customers know how to use the product in real life. That picture is called a “lifestyle photo.” A lifestyle photo helps the customers to understand the using procedure of a product and can also attract them a bit more to purchase and use it. You can attach one or two lifestyle photos with the product in your Amazon listing. But don’t skip adding at least one. 

8. A comparing chart and product packaging photo:

A comparing chart refers to a list of comparison points between two similar products. This chart will show why someone should choose your product over other similar products. Logically, show why you have a better quality product, or maybe the best one. 

Also, why not a picture of product packaging?

Well, a picture that shows how the packaging will be can be the last picture on your list. That significantly indicates that, as a seller, you tried to provide every detail about the product, from first to last. Also, this picture can help the customer verify if the product is genuine or not.

9. Include a Video: 

If a picture can say this much about a product, why don’t you think about attaching a video to the product? A video is an excellent decision for more authenticity, maximum engagement, and to fulfill all the customer curiosity.

10. Never Upload Improper Content to Amazon:

 Amazon is one of the best eCommerce sites for selling and purchasing products. Always pay attention to the site’s reputation. Focus more on your product rather than the models or other objects. Never put anything improper that may hamper the reputation of your business and create a wrong impression on Amazon’s requirements. 


As an FBA seller, you can always take pictures of your products, and by following our amazon product photography tips, you can easily reach your goal and capture professional photos. But it’s always better to hire professionals. They know their job better than anyone. They are aware of all the Amazon photography requirements for FBA sellers. In addition, hiring professionals can be time-saving, effort-saving, and more effective.

So, follow the tips and hacks we’ve mentioned and consider hiring professionals for the best pictures. Also, we must say, don’t think twice about contacting us whenever you need expert professional photographers.

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