Product Image Requirements for Amazon FBA in 2022

Amazon Product image requirements in 2022 For FBA

Customers rely on images more than anything else. When it’s about purchasing a product, everyone wants to see a picture that will tell everything about the product. That’s why most eCommerce sites examine what types of pictures are getting more responses from customers and set some standards for their pictures.

Like other premium sites, Amazon also has some standards set for their product prototyping that are proven to grab the highest number of customers. 

So today, in this article, we will know Amazon product image requirements for its professionally done product photography. They are quite impressive and, without any doubt, proven in the market.

So let’s find out what those photography requirements are.

Amazon Image Formats That Permit

  •  Image formats required: TIFF (.tif/.tiff), JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg), GIF (.gif), and PNG (.png) 
  • Suggested image format: JPEG (.jpeg/.jpg) with 100% compression.

Image Pixel Dimensions Permitted by Amazon

  • Detailed Requirements for Pixels: Above 1000 pixels
  • Pixel dimensions suggested: 2000 pixel by 2000 pixel square image

Color mode for Amazon Product Photography

  • Color Mode on Amazon Product Image Requirements: sRGB or CMYK
  • Most Recommended Mode: sRGB

Amazon Product Image Requirements For File Names

Filenames for pictures transferred to Amazon should incorporate the item ID number (i.e., Amazon ASIN code, 13-digit ISBN number, EAN, JAN, or UPC code), followed by a period/full pause, and should end with the right arrangement expansion code.

When uploading pictures to Amazon, document names may exclude spaces, unique characters, or extra accentuation.

Amazon Allows The Following Document Sizes

Amazon’s minimum file size is 10 MB.

Recommendation: Inapplicable

Recognized crop proportion

Requirements for Minimum Crop Ratio: 1:1–5:1

Crop Ratio Suggested: 1:1

Amazon Product Image Requirements

As we previously mentioned, Like all other renowned eCommerce sites, Amazon has its specific rules and regulations for uploading a product image. If you want to get priorities on amazon, maintaining their requirements and prohibitions is a must. 

Let’s see what type of images amazon requires. 

  • Pictures should precisely address the item and show just the item that is available to be purchased.
  • The item and every one of its elements should be shown
  • The main picture ought to have clear white background (unadulterated white mixes in with the Amazon search and item detail pages-RGB shading upsides of 255, 255, 255).
  • Main Image should be proficient photos of the genuine item, which means professionally taken photograph. (designs, outlines, mockups, or placeholders are not permitted). They should not show anything that is not a part of the product. props that may befuddle the consumer, text that isn’t essential for the item; or logos, watermarks, or inset pictures.
  • Pictures should match the product title.
  • Pictures should be 1,600 pixels or bigger on the longest side. This base size prerequisite empowers the zoom work on the site. Zoom has been demonstrated to improve deals.
  • Pictures should not surpass 10,000 pixels on the longest side.
  • Amazon acknowledges JPEG (.jpg), TIFF (.tif) or (.gif) document designs, however JPEG is more preferable.
  • No animated gifs.
  • Pictures should not contain nudity
  • Shoes MAIN pictures ought to be of a single shoe, confronting left at a 45-degree point.
  • Ladies and Men’s Clothing MAIN pictures ought to be captured on a model.
  • All Kids and Baby Clothing pictures should be captured on a flat surface.

Amazon’s Main Picture Requirements

Among all of the photographs you provided, one will be the main focus. That is called the main image. As the main image gets the most attention, Amazon has set some particular different rules for the main image. Let me know what the requirements are for the main product image-

It’s necessary that the focused picture is an expert photo or official cover art and precisely portrays the item being sold.

You have to focus 100% on the main picture. Put the products in the center and click. The picture should be clear with smooth edges and should be an exact presentation of the item, including shading and size.

  • Your product(s) should account for 85% or more of the overall picture outline.
  • The whole item should be shown inside the picture outline.
  • The picture background has to be plain white.

Things To Avoid For The Main Picture

  • You cannot include sketches, paintings, drawings, or illustrations of the item.
  • No misleading images, no improper things should be included. Nothing that violates rules. 
  • Any image that incorporates text, designs, or extra symbolism.
  • Any forbidden images, like pornography, or images that include offensive objects, subjects, or texts,
  • These pictures, which contain logos or watermarks, should be claimed by the individual transferring them.
  • Pictures that show various perspectives on an indistinguishable item
  • Pictures are noticeably shown on a mannequin, except for pantyhose, stockings, and socks.
  • Pictures that show external markings 

Additional Amazon Product Image Requirements

You can upload nine images of your product to Amazon. But all of the 9 images will not be visible in your live listing. Only 7 images will be there. One main image and six additional images. We’ve discussed the main image requirements above in this writing. For additional images, we’d suggest you select some eye-catching, brighter, and clearer images. Those will catch the customers’ eyes quickly. Give all the product details in your additional images. Focus on all the specifications and little things included in your product to help the customers become more interested and informed about how your product works. Add infographics, lifestyle images, and comparison charts. informative text, size charts, and other information in this additional image section. 


Now that you know all the Amazon product image requirements for FBA listing, it’s not that hard to make a good plan for uploading your images and creating a perfect image chart. Maintain all the requirements to get the best selling result on Amazon FBA. We’ve mentioned all the necessary information you are going to need for appropriate image planning. As maintaining Amazon’s requirements is a crucial factor if you want to be a top-listed seller, we hope you will benefit from this article.

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