How High Quality Image Impact On Amazon Sales


The key purpose of partnering with Amazon is clearly finding a one-stop solution for selling products online. Amazon helps its buyers create product listings and accelerate sales through their platform and the only way sellers can captivate and attract buyers is through high-quality product images.

Find out how high-quality product images impact Amazon sales as we dissect and explain each aspect in sheer detail.

According to research, visuals are more effective at attracting buyers because they process images 60,000 times quicker than writing. Similarly, the Report findings of Shotfarm Product Information also reflect that images and product descriptions play a crucial role for shoppers. Because shoppers said product images are very important for them.

This could be why minimalist product images greatly increase amazon conversions. So, we can say that the finest images of your product significantly influence purchasing decisions. Seems sensible that standardized images initially persuade your shoppers before experiencing the product physically.

Does a High-Quality Image Increase Amazon Sales?

Interestingly, a high-quality image increases amazon sales. The high-quality images of your product listing positively influence your products in different aspects. So, Let’s explore together:

First Impression Matter

A high-quality image has the ability to make a great first impression. The first impression matters a lot in driving traffic to your product page. Because millions of products are shown in the search result, that’s why your product must stand out.

However, without a high-quality image, it is impossible to get noticed. So, a high-quality image greatly impacts amazon sales by driving traffic to the product page which in turn, leads to more sales.

Increase Conversions

You need multiple images on your product detail pages compared to search results, where one relies on a single image. So, you should include multiple images from different perspectives to attract and engage traffic with your product listing.

Additionally, capture lifestyle shots and videos to reflect on product usage. You need to do everything to attract the audience and convert them into customers through presenting high-quality images of products.

Realistic Shots Influence Purchasing Decisions

A high-quality image has the ability to influence your audience’s purchasing decision. Because realistic shots reflect their perceptions about the product. If your product images are closer to realistic shots, then there are greater chances of purchasing.

Indirect Factor of A9 Algorithm

The A9 Algorithm is used by amazon for search results. It predicts which product should be shown when someone types in the search box. Different direct and indirect factors are considered by the A9 algorithm.

Interestingly, product description and product images are among the indirect factors. So, a high-quality image is renamed according to the product name or relevant keyword. Additionally, the algorithm also shows these products at the top of the list whose conversion rate is higher.

So, the above four points are about “How high-quality images impact Amazon sales”. Now let’s move to some other relevant points related to Amazon product image requirements.

Amazon Requirements for Product Images

Well, it is crucial to comply with amazon’s requirements related to product images. In case of a violation of these requirements, amazon will suppress the product listing.

So be with us to read the amazon list of requirements set for product image:

  • Only capture the product that is mentioned for sale. Present the image accurately.
  • The features of the product must be visible clearly.
  • White background must be followed for the main images.
  • Capture actual products in a professional way. Avoid using mockups, graphics, illustrations, placeholders, etc.
  • Product images must be aligned with the product title.
  • The product images must be 1600 pixels and don’t exceed 10,000 pixels.
  • Your product image format must be JPEG, GIF, or TIFF.
  • The images should not contain any sexually suggestive or nudity.
  • Baby or kids’ clothing products must be photographed flat.
  • Whereas Men’s and Women’s photographs should be on a model.
  • Only the main product image appears in the search results of Amazon.
  • Additional images (up to 9) are allowed on the amazon product listing page.

Best Practices to Enhance Image Quality

Your product photography plays a greater role in your competitive edge. That’s why along with the amazon rules, you also need to follow some best practices to stand out from the crowd. Well, the following are some best practices that will double your product image quality

Optimized Your Main Image

Your main image is your first impression. That’s why to make a great first impression, you need to capture the best image. Follow the competition or trends to take the best and highly attractive picture for your main image slot.

Fill out all Additional Spaces

Amazon allows additional image space of seven images on your product listing page. Cover up all the available slots to increase the chances of making conversions. Take shots from different angles to show off the product completely and perfectly. Make real-life shots to help your audience visualize the product’s usage.

Reflect Audience Interests

If you are using a specific image to target some specific audience, then reflect on their interests. Your product image should highlight their interests or lifestyle. It boosts up sales because it has the tendency to attract potential buyers of that niche.

Customized your Product Images

Brands are using customized images that contain their brand colors and consistent fonts. They also add text to their images. Additionally, in your listing, try to mention your Unique selling points and product features.

Highlight all the specifications to provide complete information to your audience. It helps your audience in making buying decisions easily and quickly with a clear mind.

Use 3D Images

If the product’s interior design is important for the audience, then try using 3D images. It will show off the internal features to help the audience experience a clear and complete view of the product.

Take Shots Based on the Nature of the Product

It is quite important to first understand the nature of your product. If your product has different features and complex structures, then you must take images from all possible angles along with zoomed product images.

Moreover, if your product follows a process, then show images that must cover the whole process. Similarly, if it solves a problem, then take before and after images of the product to visually show it instead of writing. Because visuals greatly influence the audience as compared to content.

Final Thoughts

However, not only should your listing contain high-quality images, but also it must adhere to the requirements set by Amazon for product images. Well, complying with all aspects will help you rank higher and increase conversion.

Please let us know how helpful this was for you. So, don’t forget to mention your feedback in the comment section.

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