How To Do Product Photography For Amazon Listing

How To Do Product Photography For Amazon Listing

Product Photography is highly significant to increase amazon sales. It’s your product image that makes the first impression of your product and brand. But how to do product photography for Amazon listing? Let’s break it down with the best techniques.

Interestingly, your shots communicate more about your product and its uniqueness. So, if your images are optimized and minimalist, then it can encourage shoppers to buy that product. Suggestively, take incredible shots that are able to evoke shoppers’ interest in your product and brand.

Different Style of Amazon Product Photography

Before moving on to How to do photography for amazon products, I would like to explain its style. It will assist you in deciding and doing the right one for your listening. So, let’s explore together.

1. Infographics Image

It visually illustrates the product information. The intent is to make the information easier and digestible for the audience.

2. Lifestyle Image

It shows how a specific product can be used practically. In simple it captures the product’s user experience. The key objective is to give the audience a lifestyle shot.

3. Comparison chart Image

Comparison chart images are used to quickly highlight the distinct features of different products in a product line. It eases the audience in choosing the right one for themselves.

4. Testimonial Image

It separates itself from other types by illustrating customer reviews with a background image of the product. Two to three reviews are enough on one Image. Most of the shoppers make buying decisions after reading reviews; that’s why it gives them a quick insight.

5. Sale Promotional Image

Sale promotional images hold tactics that highly encourages the audience to buy products. It can be further broken down, such as Free shipping, buy one get one, lightning or time-bound deals, giveaway, coupons, discount offers, and so on.

6. Dimensional Image

Dimensional images are solid shots that reflect on many dimensions such as width, length, height, etc. The intent is to boost brand attitudes, listing knowledge, and purchase intentions. However, if your product is material, then the best shots must contain touching to understand it. In contrast, if it’s a geometric product, you need to focus on reflecting vision.

7. Instructional Image

It contains the key instructions or an overview about the product usage as clear from its name. So, it’s the best way to guide customers if your product is a little bit complex to use.

Best ways to do Amazon Product Photography

There are various ways to do amazon product photography to maximize a positive impact on your listening. So, here are the best picks. Let’s explore it:

Your Shot must tell a Story

One of the best ways is to capture in a way that tells a story about the product and brand. Thrown some light on the key features and potential benefits. Based on the type of product, give it some touching or vision.

Interestingly, customers mostly tend to buy those products that are closed to their feelings or perceptions. So, to increase Amazon sales, your story must be more likely to their perceptions. If you don’t have an idea about it, then evaluate the competitors’ strategy.

Your product story must contain some action. If you think about the great or successful ad campaigns, you will find that they are purely inclined towards classic techniques. Luckily, it is also applicable for amazon listing.

Staying on Brand

The listening photography must be on point with your brand and USP. It serves your potential customer by informing them about the potential benefits your product offers. Well, you can achieve this with the greater assistance of stylized illustrations.

Another key point is that product images must be aligned with your accurate product description. Luckily, you can initially get sales through this technique. Therefore, you need positive reviews and five stars that will encourage more audience in the future. However, your listening can get five stars and positive reviews only when your photographs are aligned with your description.

Don’t Use Overly Photoshopped Pictures

With the increasing trend of photoshop, brands are using customized images to convey their brand story. Therefore, the photoshop magic touch is not the job of everyone. So, you need to hire a professional because overly photoshopped pictures don’t look real.

Here the key is to photoshop your images so that they don’t look awkward, poorly rendered, and unreal. Therefore, the best way out is to hire a photoshop or illustrator expert to give a new touch to your listing.

Main Image must use White Color Background

Using white background for your product presentation is one of the significant points. Additionally, it is also the requirement of Amazon Seller Central. If you don’t have enough idea about this, then check the RGB components. It should be 255 in photoshop for all elements.

Moreover, you can also check and confirm the value within the software. However, use appropriate camera angles. Because a wrong angle can present a potential product with terrible looks. In this regard, the product position and angels are the key points to work on.

Check out the competition

You can also get some worthy ideas by checking out the competition. Evaluate their angels, positions, colors, background, text, and patterns. Observe their types of images and dig out how they do their photography.

Pick the best points relevant to your listening and plan to capture them accordingly. Following the trends is one of the successful strategies to follow. Trends and competitions change over time so, keep an eye to sustain your competitive edge.

Create Compelling Graphics Photos

To create compelling graphics photos, you must capture close-ups of vital features. Customers are mostly persuaded to buy products due to their attributes. Your business is to identify those attributes and reflect them in product photography.

Finally, the above points covered the best ways to do product photography for Amazon to increase sales. Let’s move on to the last but not the least point that can boost your sales.

Why Should You Outsource Product Photography to Professionals?

Professional services can give you a competitive edge to ensure a strong visual impact and presence in the world of amazon search results. The customer’s buying decisions are mostly based on the visual representation of the product. The only solution is to hire professional services to stand out your product visuals in the competition and make them more compelling for customers.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the whole, I would like to say follow the trends, evaluate competitors strategy, and plan out a complete and relevant strategy for your product photography. The key points to remember are highlighting the key attributes of listening, going for the right type of images, capturing from the right angles, looking real and relevant to the product description, and filling all the slots available for uploading product images.

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